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October 2013


Layered Biker Look


Before the grey and cold London winter hits us, we still have time to rock out some autumn looks. Today we will experiment with a layered biker jacket look. I am a big advocate of layered clothing as it adds variety to your look. Avoid using same coloured layers as that makes the outfit look heavy. Experiment with colours to make your outfit a bit different and add your own personal touch to it. Layered clothing comes in handy when you go from chilly outdoor to warm offices or home. Its helps you combine different fabrics and colours and creates a unique personal style. Continue Reading


Wow this festive season


With the Indian festive season fast approaching, it’s time to get your festive gear ready. When you live abroad, the task becomes even more daunting. I live in London and to be honest I have never found well-designed Indian outfits here. Either they are too expensive or too tacky. I am very particular about my choices and when it comes to clothes I want it my way, specially with Indian outfits.

Continue Reading


For the love of Pastels

Pastels are generally associated with soft, romantic day looks. Very rarely one would use pastel shades for an evening look. Our latest fashion post is dedicated to fresh pastels colours and how you can wear them  to create an evening look for  the non summer seasons.the red notebook Continue Reading

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