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Introducing Chakra Design Studio by IMBYOU

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What happens when two talented mums meet up on a play date? An idea is born. Idea called Chakra. The Red Notebook introduces Chakra Design Studio now available on

Chakra Design Studio is built on the idea of eco consciousness. The company’s design essence is based on the rich textile heritage of India, involving the traditional practices of a textile art called Kalamkari. This textile technique involves ancient methods of wooden block printing and dyeing with vegetable dyes. Chakra’s founder and head designer Bindu Kasinadhuni, wanted society to make eco conscious choices when it comes to children clothing and revive the traditions of this dying textile art. The clothes are made of soft cotton and natural dyes which is ideal for summer. Through their product Chakra is also making efforts to educate the world on the benefits of eco conscious clothing. Their production house helps boost the economic standards of the artisans in the community. Continue Reading

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Holi Celebrations in London

Holi craft decor ideas london

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The most important room

This project is really special to me. It’s my little girl’s nursery, the most important room of our house. I was fortunate to have a small box room in our new house, which we decided to convert into Meera’s (my daughter) nursery. I decided to keep the furniture base colour white and let the accessories do all the colour talking. Continue Reading


Q-tip Art

Most times parents accumulate a lot of kid’s paraphernalia in the name of keeping them engaged and stimulated. Don’t get me wrong, there are many great toys and books for kids that are created with a lot of research and they do stand up to their claim. But I also strongly feel that all kids want is our Time. If we have that, simple things can create lot enjoyment for them.

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Vintage Tea Party

I had been dreaming about my daughter’s first birthday since the day she was born, and finally it was time to bring my dreams to life – her first birthday party!

I wanted to do something where the focus would be on the little ones. A vintage themed tea party was the perfect choice to celebrate the occasion.A vintage themed tea party was the perfect choice to celebrate the occasion. Continue Reading

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