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On 15th May 2014 I was invited to the British Asian Fashion Week as an official blogger for the event. The event was organised by the Teri Mardi Group as part of the Alchemy festival in London. Teri Mardi group is known for its approach to empowering talent and breaking stereotypes, and enabling talent to be recognised in the mainstream media.

British Asian Fashion Week |Alchemy Festival South Bank

It was a beautiful day – South Bank Centre in London was buzzing with activity and people everywhere were basking in the sunshine. The Asian Fashion Summit preceded the fashion show. The very aim of the summit was to facilitate an open dialogue amongst the British Asian Fashion industry and let attendees learn from each other. Many consider fashion to be a closed industry, and that is actually true in most cases. But since British Asian Fashion forms a small niche, working in collaboration will make the industry stronger. The participants were engaged in a very healthy discussion around topics related to the fashion industry such as ‘paying for editorial in fashion magazines’. By the end of the discussions it was quite clear that the British Asian Fashion industry needs a platform to discuss issues important to their business and collaborate with other professionals in the industry.

Asian fashion summit - checkout the background

Asian fashion summit – checkout the background

Then it was time to give our brains some rest and enjoy the visual treat offered by the British Asian Fashion Show Preview 2014 (BAFW2014). This is what the team had to say about what is BAFW2014
“British Asian fashion Week (BAFW) – Simply aims to celebrate the double identity that has existed for several decades, that of the two wardrobes that exist in every British Asian’s household; a western wardrobe and of course the eastern more traditional wardrobe. In recent years a third wardrobe is emerging, this fusion wardrobe blurs the lines and has become a global phenomenon that is growing each day. BAFW 2014 is the celebration of this melting pot”.

It was a brilliant effort by the Terri Mardi group and Fashion Manager Sheetal Agheda to provide a platform for both new and established fashion and jewelry designers to showcase their design to a global audience. South Bank Centre witnessed a mesmerising fashion show – a beautiful amalgamation of intricate work, colors, designs and lot of hard work. Being the official blogger for BAFW2014 I thoroughly enjoyed the front row action gazing at the fine jewellery and beautiful models walking the ramp, adorning lovely clothes.

Here are a few of my favorites from the show.

Beautiful jewelry from Deeyajewellery, designer bridal and formal jewellery.

Indian Fashion Blog

Beautiful jewelry from Deeyajewellery

Asian Fashion Week | Indian Fashion Blog

Beautiful jewelry from Deeyajewellery


Really loved these beautiful men and womenwear designs by Jyoti. Jyoti Chandhok is a London based brand that signifies an eclectic fusion of traditional charm and contemporary couture generating alluring, one-of-a kind handiwork.

Designs by Jyoti Chandhok

Designs by Jyoti Chandhok

Designs by Jyoti Chandhok

Designs by Jyoti Chandhok

Fashion stylist

Designs by Jyoti Chandhok


Indian fashion blog uk

Designs by Jyoti Chandhok

Take a note of Trousseaujewels  – bespoke jewellery, clothing and wardrobe planning for the modern girl. Urvi is the designer behind Trousseaujewels and she debuted her first collection at BAFW 2014.

The Red Notebook fashion stylist

Urvi from trousseaujewels

Some of the other designers and fashion houses that took part in the event were Sona Couture , Kajal Couture and Ng Sarees.

Here is a video diary of the event.

I was very impressed by the fact that BAFW team supported new designers, make-up artists, stylists, photographers and bloggers to work together on something they are passionate about. Not everyday you get a platform like this to shine in front of a global audience. The BAFW managed to break stereotypes and bring all these talented freelancers who would otherwise work in their own small circles.

And finally here is what I wore to the fashion show.

Indian Fashion Blog

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