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Craft Safari Europe

Diwali is around the corner and like every year I am excited to celebrate and prep the house for Diwali celebrations. Over the past month or so, I have tried to create some festive content on the blog. Most of it has revolved around fashion but today I am excited to bring some festive home decor inspiration in collaboration with The Craft Safari Europe.

The Craft Safari Europe is a venture started by Rajini in UK following the footsteps of the parent company in Dubai. Prior to this, she used to work in HM Treasury. She has always been a creative person with a passion for crafts and has an eye for detail in Indian handicrafts. Rajini and her husband are antique admirers and love to explore antiques wherever they go. After working in HM Treasury for 11 years, she resigned from her job last year as she felt it was the time to pursue her passion. Coming from a very corporate background, this art-related journey has been very therapeutic for her.

The Craft Safari was established in Dubai in 2011 by Ann Thomas and Geetha Mary out of their love for Indian Handicrafts. During Rajini’s pursuit to find unique handicrafts, weaves and jewellery in UK, she decided to collaborate and bring The Craft Safari to European customers who wouldn’t otherwise have an opportunity to buy these handmade classics from India.

The Craft Safari Europe showcases magnificent Indian handicrafts, weaves and handmade jewellery. They have an exceptional collection of handicrafts from different states of India. If you like ancient crafts, please check-out their Dhokra collections (Dhokra is a non–ferrous metal casting using the lost-wax casting technique). Distinctive handcrafted fabric, silver and brass jewellery are available here.

Using decorative ornaments from Craft Safari, I have created an attractive Diwali set up. Here are a few things I have used from their collection.  

Traditional Brass Uruli with Bell

This is a traditional brass Uruli (vessel) with an antique finish handcrafted by artisans from of India. It is used for floating flowers, petal and candles at the entrance or foyer of your home.

Traditional Brass Uruli with Bell

3 Wick Brass Diya

This Diya is very traditional and elegant. It can be used in pairs as a decorative accessory to create that festive ambience in your home.

3 Wick Brass Diya

3 Wick Brass Diya

Brass Vintage Aarti Diya

Handmade antique finish brass with incredible hand carving. This can be used as a decorative item or in the main arti/pooja thali.

Brass Vintage Aarti Diya

Brass Vintage Aarti Diya

Block Print Diya Holder

A decorative wooden block print tea light holder. Can be used as a decorative item on the dinner table or a sideboard during festive occasions.

Block print Diya holder

What makes the whole journey exciting is that it supports a bigger cause. The Craft Safari Europe is committed to promoting age-old techniques and supporting the artisans who uphold them passionately even now when many of these art forms are slowly fading away.

If you are interested in finding out more about these home décor ornaments, please contact Rajini here or email her at thecraftsafarieurope@gmail.com. They can put together gift boxes of your choice for baby shower, weddings, housewarming, corporate or any other occasions. Any brass handicrafts for interior décor too could be sourced for larger spaces.

India Craft Tours

The Craft Safari Europe is planning to offer craft tours for ‘ Craftaholics’ who admire Indian handicrafts. This will be in the month of March every year.

The tours to Kutch in India will help people rediscover the many art forms and see artisan’s working processes. Village life and living as one among the villagers is magical. When the artisans open their homes and share a meal with us it becomes even more eye-opening.

If you are interested in the craft tours, then contact Rajini on thecraftsafarieurope@gmail.com.

To know more about The Craft Safari UK. Contact Rajini on




Enjoy The Craft Safari photo gallery here.

Pictures by Frames by Aditi



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