For the love of Pastels

Pastels are generally associated with soft, romantic day looks. Very rarely one would use pastel shades for an evening look. Our latest fashion post is dedicated to fresh pastels colours and how you can wear them  to create an evening look for  the non summer seasons.the red notebookthe red notebook3the red notebook4IMG_2903the red notebook2

This year when the frosty cold London weather was dragging on even in the summer months, I got bored of my heavy coats and jackets and wanted to switch to something light. Blazers seem to be the perfect replacement for these heavy coats so I went on a blazer-shopping spree and bought a few nice ones. I love wearing blazers, they look very smart if styled well and are more exciting compared to boring coats. To my surprise, the great British summer started to spread it wings as soon as I bought my blazers. If you are a Londoner you would sympathise with this erratic change in weather all year around and it’s the weather, which determines your wardrobe. Finally it was September, the ideal season to flaunt your blazers .

Create the look

I was going out for a theatre evening so wanted to wear something smart but not very formal. It was September time so wasn’t very cold. I wanted the look to be fresh and feminine. I teamed up my blush pink ¾ sleeve blazer with faded light blue denim. Since it was an evening affair so I opted for a V-neck black vest to compliment the blush blazer. Fashion gatekeepers would say no to mixing pink and black but we have to see the whole look in its entirety and not just go by the rulebook.

The winner in this outfit for me was the statement necklace. I am not a jewelry person as I prefer a more minimalistic look, but of late I have started experimenting with it. I have developed a strong liking for statement necklaces; they can lift your outfit in an instant. If you are struggling to create a look then wear any basic colour like black and adorn it with a statement neckpiece and you are done.

I teamed the outfit up with black shoes and matching black bag to finish off the outfit.

Hair & Makeup

I played around a lot with my hair for this look as nothing seemed to be working out. My hair is normally straight and on top of that I had straightened them up a day before, so they were very flat. Finally I decided to do a side ponytail – a style I have never tried before. I also covered my hair band with a strand of hair to make it look clean and minimalistic. The side ponytail works well with this smart and feminie look .

I kept the makeup fairly neutral and worked on my eyes by using loads of kohl and mascara.

The final look is out here. Try it if you want to create a fresh, feminine look.

Blazer : H&M
Shoes : Aldo



  1. Ekta
    October 2, 2013 / 9:25 pm

    Awesome blog…and stunning Model….

  2. October 7, 2013 / 9:45 pm

    i love that necklace. finally got a chance to start reading ur blog Mandavi, Its very nice. I somehow thought RedNoteBook was a company you started. did not know about the blog. But better late than never. great blog.

    • October 7, 2013 / 9:48 pm

      wow , great megha! I love your blog too – get inspired by your innovative health recipes – keep up the good work

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