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A warm comfy jumper is my favourite winter clothing item. Personally, I love oversized woolly jumpers – can pretty much spend my entire winters in them. I am not a big fan of winter coats – find them bulky and restrictive – and thus try and avoid them as much as possible. Unfortunately, I do need them to survive in the extreme cold winters. But today we are not talking about coats, we are talking about jumpers!!

When it comes to my western wardrobe, I mainly stock basic-coloured jumpers like grey, blacks, creams and stripes. An odd red or pink might find its way through sometimes but mostly I have the basic colour range. Since red is the colour of the season, I was tempted to add some colour to my wardrobe and investing into a coloured jumper is a good way of doing that.

Even though red is the colour of the season, I wasn’t keen on shopping for it – I already have a red jumper in my collection. But I still wanted to try something different. In my quest for a lightweight jumper (I have loads of thick ones so wanted to buy a lightweight one) I bought this bright orange jumper from one of my favourite brands, Warehouse. What I love about this jumper is that it is lightweight and ideal for layering. Wear it with a classic black biker jacket, dark denims and your crisp Autumn day look is ready.  Another good thing to note is that this jumper comes with a tapered cut rather than a straight cut which is ideal for a pear body-shape like mine. It takes the attention away from lower body area and gives a slimming effect. The jeans I am wearing here are super comfy and a perfect fit for me. They are straight leg jeans, again ideal for my body shape. I love these jeans as they are dark and have a slimming effect on the legs.I also wore a hat with this look to add some Parisian touch to my outfit.I think I’ll be wearing this jumper a lot this season and when it gets way more colder, a heavy coat will come to my rescue.

I hope you enjoyed reading my jumper Autumn look. If you are looking for some high street jumper options then have a look at my recommended list below.

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