Diwali Pop-up event in London

Visiting Diwali fairs to explore homeware and fashion designs used to be a highlight of my festive season back home in India. Living in London I miss that buzz, that noise, that smell which I experienced growing up. Everyone’s gearing up to the festivities. Local markets, shops and roads are all adorned with marigold flowers to celebrate the most auspicious day of the year – Diwali. However hard I try I don’t think I can replicate the same experience here but I can in my own way enjoy the festival and keep the tradition alive. With only a few weeks left before the festival there are a lot of things to organise and manage. I need to plan my main pooja decoration, Diwali outfit, lighting and finally what to cook for the main Diwali feast. In London you don’t have the luxury of your local market selling the traditional stuff. You have to plan and organise it. So I went to the Diwali Pop Up Shop by Faisana Studio. I went in to explore South Asian Fashion designers but was surprised to see homeware and kidswear as well. The exhibition was held at the luxurious Four Seasons, Mayfair. A range of designers were showcasing their creations at the event. I saw latest designs from Maheen Karim Sania Maskatiya Nida Azwer Zara Shahjahan and Rakesh Agarwal . Have a look at some of their latest designs here.

Asian Fashion Blog The red notebook Uk London

The red notebook Indian fashion Blog Uk London The red notebook Indian fashion Blog Uk London SB2A8251 SB2A8291 The red notebook Indian fashion Blog Uk London At the event I was introduced to another lovely brand called Dhoop from India. Dhoop is a store for handcrafted Indian products featuring exquisite craft collections from different parts of India that represent its unique and vibrant culture. The best part was that all products were available at Indian prices. I picked up this cute green Indian tiffin and this gold decorative tray for Diwali. Have a look at some of their products – very unique and very Indian. SB2A8283 SB2A8310 SB2A8269 SB2A8266 SB2A8220 Asian Fashion Blog The red notebook Uk London


My Purchase from Dhoop


My Purchase from Dhoop & Frangipani

My last pit stop was this beautiful brand called Frangipani – adorable kidswear . I wish they made their designs in adult sizes as well. Loved their designs – very bright and vibrant neon colours adding a lot of fun to your little one’s outfit. I couldn’t resist and bought this lovely neon pink and green suit. Framgipani have great designs for boys kurta so if you are looking for something fun and different for your little ones then do check their designs. Frangipani will ship orders to UK.

Frangipani Kids

Frangipani Kids

What are you guys planning for Diwali ? Do share your festive ideas here. Till then keep shining.

Photos by : Canvas International


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