Exclusive interview with Roshni Chopra in London

Image: Roshni Copra Designs

If you follow me on Instagram you would know that I recently attended The Posh Rock event that showcased top designers from India, Dubai, and London. The event also had one of my favourite clothing brands – Roshni Chopra Designs. I managed to interview Roshni, the lady behind the brand, to get the story behind her wonderful clothes. Here are some snippets from that interview.

Tell me something about your label and how it all started

It is a funny story – it all started after the birth of my first child. I didn’t want to spend so much time shooting as I didn’t want to be away from him. I was making all these clothes while I was pregnant so I nearly had a line ready. A lot of people who saw those clothes wanted to order them but I never thought I would make it commercial. Just organically people saw me wearing it, my friends wearing it and slowly me and my sister decided to launch own own label. And that’s how it was born.

What collection do you have on display today? What can the shoppers expect?

Today we have a collection called Nomad. Nomad girl is who I feel is a gypsy – she is a traveler, she loves being Indian is also cosmopolitan. She wants to wear her Indianness with pride all over the world. The clothes are versatile – they go from a destination wedding to an Indian function and can be styled up for a bar in New York. All kinds of easy separates and international colours but at the same time rooted in Indian handicraft.

Today I am wearing a draped skirt inspired by sarong and a crop top hand embroidered with metallic beads. It has a draped dupatta which is my invention because I feel that when girls wear dupatta they cant move around. Your hands are not free and body language is a lot limited. So with this style, the beauty of the drape is still there but its knotted up and ready to wear.

Nomad collection Roshni Chopra Designs

Where can shoppers in London buy your clothes from?

In England, we stock at BiBi London , Signature Ambry, Nikaza and we also have our own website (we ship internationally and customise online).   

Me wearing Roshni Chopra Designs

Any message to The Red Notebook readers?  

I would like to encourage them to experiment a bit more as I feel that Indian women living in London could be brand ambassadors of Indian fashion and put us on the map. I am happy to wear my Indianess on the streets of London or Paris or New York. So tell all London girls to wear our drapes and experiment with style.  

Hope you enjoyed reading the interview. Below are some more images from the event.

Roshni Chopra Designs

Me with Roshni Copra

Image courtesy – Roshni Chopra Designs Facebook 


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