New Year New Beginnings

Before I start this post, I have to say a huge thank you to everyone who took time out and voted for my blog. Your efforts have made me a finalist in the UK blog award 2018 ‘International Influencer’ category. Can’t thank you guys enough for this love. Out of the 4,000 entries and nominations – I am one of only 6 or 8 bloggers. This is a huge for me and I am truly grateful. So thank you for being part of my blogging journey.Shop this look


New Beginnings 

Every year-end we sit down as a family and reflect on the highs and lows of the year. We look at our promises from last year and review the areas of our lives we said we wanted to work on. We look at the highs and lows, and all the promises we made to ourselves. I really enjoy this yearly ritual – it allows me to be open and honest with myself.

I am a visual thinker, so in 2018 I will be drawing my annual resolutions on my vision board. This board will be a constant reminder of my promises to myself and I would be able to refer back to it. I have created vision boards in the past as well and it’s magical how some dream wishes have come true for me. This year’s vision board is up and ready and here are some of my key highlights.

Focus on health and fitness – This promise keeps coming up for me. I have failed to progress in this area of my life. It’s not that I haven’t made efforts – I have made efforts and been regular but I do not see results. This year I want to nail it and get the results I want to see.

Creating useful blog content – This year I plan to create some meaningful fashion content which would help me, and women around me to feel empowered when it comes to fashion. I will be more regular on the blog and create fashion stories which everyone can relate to. I have taken my first step in this direction and have launched my new blog design. I hope you enjoy the updated look and feel.

Work on self and think progression – Life is not smooth and you have your down moments too. Last year there were a few down moments in my life and it took me a while to suck myself out of them. It’s easy to get sucked into what life throws at you but no one else can take you out of it. Only you can help yourself. So this is the year of progression and growth. Grab every opportunity to work on yourself and keep getting better at being you.

Have fun – This is the one thing we forget amongst the mountain of things we set out to achieve. Fun should be attached to every aspect of my life. Life has so much to offer and sometimes it is essential to sit down relish it. Life of a working mum in London can be stressful at times so every now and then I plan to take time out and appreciate life.

So these were my key takeaways for this year. I hope I stick to my promises. Writing a blog post makes it real for me and putting the post out in the online world makes me accountable. Now we are in it together.

2017 was a beautiful year but 2018 will be even more beautiful. The Red Notebook Blog welcomes 2018 in a world full of possibilities Have a glorious year ahead and make sure you stick to your new year resolutions or at least try to stick.




  1. salmadinani
    January 13, 2018 / 1:54 pm

    Great goals! And happy new year 🙂

    • therednotebook
      January 13, 2018 / 3:25 pm

      Thank you so much. Nice to discover your profile

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