Q-tip Art

Most times parents accumulate a lot of kid’s paraphernalia in the name of keeping them engaged and stimulated. Don’t get me wrong, there are many great toys and books for kids that are created with a lot of research and they do stand up to their claim. But I also strongly feel that all kids want is our Time. If we have that, simple things can create lot enjoyment for them.

Today I am sharing a simple art project I did with my daughter the other day. It involved some Q-tips and Cryola Paints. I created a grid with pencil on a sheet of paper and asked her to dip the Q-tips in paint and created some swirly circles.

She literally went to town with it doing all kinds of color mixing experiments. Which I think is a great way to introduce primary and secondary colors to a child. All in all it was a great fun project that we did together that did not require a lot of investment and resulted into a great learning activity.

IMG_1853 IMG_1858IMG_1854



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