How To Wear White Jeans In Winters

Wearing white and neutral colours in winters may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But sometimes it’s refreshing to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. A word of caution though: avoid whites while doing mummy duties.  

White jeans worn right can give a very chic and luxurious look. I have never owned white jeans because dark denim is always more flattering than white. But recently while browsing through online sales deals, I came across this wide-leg cropped denim in a cream colour (unfortunately the cream shade is sold out but you can try the white shades). Personally, I prefer wide-leg or straight jeans over skinny jeans. For just £20 at sale price, it sounded like a good idea to try white jeans. Now after wearing it, I totally recommend these jeans. They are very flattering on my pear body shape and have a great fit. Choosing the right sized denim for your body shape is a task. I would say try different sizes from various brands and see which one suits your shape better (will do another blog post on this topic soon). Wide legged jeans suit most pear body shapes. If you do not fancy wide legged jeans then try straight jeans. Straight and boyfriend style jeans are very much on trend these days.     

There a few thing you should remember when styling white in winters:

Neutral palette


Try and keep the outfit palette neutral

Wear neutral colours like grey and nude to keep your winter white outfit classy. Adding a lot of contrasting colours can make your outfit look disjointed. So try and stick to neutral shades.

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Create contrast with black bag


Contrast it with black shoes/bag 

Pairing black or tan shoes/bag with a winter white outfit will help to simplify the palette and add some much-needed contrast.


Monochrome look

Go monochrome – Create an ultimate contrast outfit by pairing a black jumper and coat with your white jeans – a classic look for any occasion. You can take this look from easy to smart by choosing the white footwear. Wear white trainers to stay easy and ankle boots to stay smart.     



So would you be brave enough to try a winter white look?

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