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Hello all, hope all is well. Life has been a bit fast paced at my end. The terrible 2 syndrome is in full swing and everyday is proving to be a challenge. What keeps me going is wide grin on the little one’s face after a hard day at work. In this beautiful chaos call life I am discovering who I really am and The Red Notebook is my chosen vehicle to the dream destination. So here is my new post for this week.

Last year I had the opportunity to be featured a guest blogger on Stylit  (if you missed the post then view it here ) Today I’ll be talking about Stylist and introduce you to the concept of online styling – an area I am really passionate about.

Say hello to Stylit, your very own online personal stylist, and did we mention it’s free. Yes, you heard me right it’s free, no strings attached. Stylit – is an online personal styling service which delivers outfits perfectly matched to women’s style, body type, age and preferred brands. Finding time to update your wardrobe or experiment with your everyday style can sometimes take a back seat in our busy lives. As a working mum I fully understand how hard it can be. Most of us find ourselves in ‘I have nothing to wear’ situations and our poor husbands/boyfriends/partners have to deal with the consequences.

Just imagine, someone is there to take your stress away. You get tailored looks and everyday styles straight in your inbox.  Saving you from the hard work of searching through various online stores trying to create your outfit.  Stylit personal shopping experts scour top brands every week to discover the best, most complimentary complete look for each style profile and body type. All you have to do set up your profile on, answer a few style questions and wait for your tailored outfits to be delivered to via e-mail.

Styled look in your inbox

Styled look in your inbox

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Stylit combines technology and styling preference to deliver head-to-toe outfit recommendations. Its truly provides an indispensable fashion service to today’s busy woman. Stylit is truly fueling the future of fashion search and predictive styling. Go ahead and give Stylit a try and do remember to let me know your feedback.

Kindly note Stylist predominatly features US fashion products but they  are slowly branching out in UK as well.

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  1. January 16, 2014 / 9:13 am

    skinny jeans and blazer never go out x

  2. January 16, 2014 / 3:33 pm

    Sounds like a great idea. I am always in the “I have nothing to wear” mindset.

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